About BoxBlu Cabinets

Our Specialties – Exacting Quality, Premium Construction, Insane Lead times, Incredible Price.

At Box Blu we understand how to help our remodeling clients make money. We get them a great product at a great price, quickly!

Customers’ Satisfaction is Our First Priority

“Fast, Reliable & Responsive” are the priorities at BoxBlu Cabinets. We have 100% confidence in our ability to serve the customer.  The products are great, but our people make this business work. If there is a problem we launch into action to keep your jobsite moving forward.  Our customers can expect us to be an immediate part of the solution.

The Craftsman’s Touch

Every piece of our product line is touched by an expert craftsman.  Our shop is set up to do one thing and one thing only.  No detail is too small to fuss over and no compromises are tolerable!